VisionPRO, a subsidary of Vision Information Technologies Inc,  was born from community activities. Prior to the start  of Vision Information Technologies, Inc, David H. Segura began to volunteer his time on a weekly basis, teaching youth in Detroit about the field of technology and the growing trends of the Internet. This drive of being active in the community has continued and as  our company has grown, so has the impact we have been able to make within the communities where we live and work. We are  fully committed to young men and women from diverse communities to assist them in choosing and building their careers in the field of Information Technology. We believe success is about making an impact in the communities we do business, and we are committed to making a difference.

CIC Building After City Impact

We believe that the young people of today hold the key to our future. We see that each and every day through our involvement with City Impact. Based in Las Vegas,  City Impact is a 60,000 square ft. campus that helps people of all ages and backgrounds in a variety of areas. City Impact provides programs including: Impact Urban Night School, Urban Garden, Food Pantry, Senior Housing, Medical assistance for Adults and Kids, Franklin Davis, Urban Center/Job Help of Las Vegas and home to the Innovation International Charter School. Vision Information Technologies provided the seed funding to build a technology lab for youth and adults in the community.

Citurban-center-teaching-room-1y of Detroit

Vision Information Technologies has provided funding for technology labs across the City of Detroit including City recreation centers giving youth of Detroit access to the latest technologies to advance their education and future opportunities.


Vision Information Technologies has helped PUPIL, founded by Dr. G.K. Jayaram, the first chairman of Infosys expand this exciting program in Detroit and Las Vegas.  PUPIL is a program financially supported by the Gates Foundation and the Infosys Foundation that provides online supplemental learning programs for inner-city youth across the U.S. by leveraging experienced teachers from India.