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Motor City Named Best City for Women in Tech!

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By Christine Rice, President, VisionPRO

As a female executive at an IT services company, I am particularly aware of the growing reliance the U.S. will need to place upon women in the workplace, to drive innovation, leadership, productivity, and even the health of the U.S. economy. I know that as the country now depends greater on knowledge and work done with the mind as opposed to work done with the hands, women represent the greatest potential for increasing a technologically-trained workforce.

Yet, I also know that there is much progress to be made towards this end. The average percentage of women working in the tech industry is a mere 30 percent, based on diversity reports published by 11 of the world’s largest tech companies last year. So, I couldn’t have been more proud of my home town of Detroit when I read a recent article featuring a new study by SmartAsset which found the best city for women in technology is far and away Detroit!

The study, which analyzed Census Bureau data for insights about women in technology, says relative to other cities, Detroit’s tech sector has a lot of women, with 44.5 percent of all tech jobs in the city filled by women. In addition, they actually get paid significantly more than men – 122.8% of men’s pay. And, Detroit has an extremely high growth rate in the tech sector, with three-year tech employment growth reaching 32 percent.

I am particularly proud of these findings, because for years I have been steadfast and committed to increasing opportunities for women in technology. It is beyond gratifying to see the work that I, and so many others, have dedicated to furthering this cause begin to make a difference. Our company, Vision Information Technologies, continues to drive our mission of supporting women in technology in Detroit and around the country. Not just because it is a core value of our company, but also because we know the business impact gender diversity can bring to our clients and companies around the world.

In fact, in Diversity Inc.’s top 50 companies, gender diversity accounted for a difference of $599 million in average sales revenue. And, organizations that support diversity and inclusion at high levels, saw an 80 percent improvement in business performance. The research is clear, workforces made up of diverse skills and backgrounds are able to deliver better performance, and innovation.

I encourage Detroit’s business and community leaders to continue this extraordinary progress we have made, by supporting women in IT through internships, training, and educational opportunities. By doing so, we will all thrive and succeed in the future.


Christine_Rice2_9_grid_272x154About Christine Rice, President, VisionPRO

VisionPRO isa wholly-owned subsidiary of Vision Information Technologies, Inc. The corporation is comprised of three specialized brands, VisionIT, VisionPRO and Prime Workforce that delivers a distinct range of IT practices to workforce solutions that drive operational efficiencies and innovation for customers across the globe.

Rice oversees all daily operations for VisionPRO, and under her direction the company has become one of the 30 largest IT staffing and permanent placement companies in the U.S. VisionPRO specializes in delivering today’s most sought-after IT talent to Fortune 500, mid-size organizations and large government agencies on a contract-to-hire, contract and permanent placement basis.

Rice brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as VisionPRO President, gleaned from over 25 years in the human resources, staffing, and technology industries. Prior to joining the company, Rice worked for EDS (now HP), one of the largest information technology corporations in the world. At EDS, she worked in the areas of business development and employee relations, serving as regional manager of employee relations with oversight of Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and California.

Rice is also known as a champion for diversity and has been actively involved in the Michigan Women in Technology, the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council, and the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Rice has received numerous awards and recognition for her leadership, excellence in information technology solutions and innovation.

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