It might sound a little odd to say that a company in the IT consulting and staffing industry is about people. Of course we are. After all, the marketplace requests of us to find people to fill open positions or key skill sets within our client base. But, a lot of companies in this business have the equation backwards. They are about filling jobs with warm bodies.

At VisionPRO there is a big difference. At VisionPRO our people are connected, they are part of our team and they are treated like a professional. Instead of just filling open spots, our goal is to find great people, and then enable them to become even better through our client engagements as well as the opportunity for further training and certifications we can assist them with. But, don’t just take our word for it. There’s always a real person behind every position. Let them tell you in their own words:

“A VisionPRO recruiter found my resume and quickly scheduled a call with me. After a brief discussion, he invited me to interview for the position. He was very professional and the process was straight forward. VisionIT was aggressively recruiting for a number of key positions and just two hours after my in-person interview I got a call back offering me the job. That was pretty fast. What was most appealing was that the position presented me with the opportunity to use my existing skill-sets, while giving me the chance to work with cutting edge technologies.” – Jeff, Senior Web Develop


“I got my start with VisionPRO in a six-month contract-to-hire-position. The opportunity excited me because it gave me the chance to be one of their fulltime employees. They are a good company that will be around for a long time. I watched as they continued to grow when others were failing because of the poor U.S. economy. I am very, very happy being a team member at VisionPRO.” – Rufus, PeopleSoft HCM Team Lead


“I had been in the automotive industry and was in the process of a career transition when I first came in contact with VisionIT. I spoke with one of their recruiters, and became very comfortable with VisionPRO. I was impressed with their presentation and decided I wanted to work with them if an opportunity became available. I got my next call from VisionPRO at a time when I had two job offers on the table from other organizations, but decided to go with VisionPRO. I chose them over the others because they worked early-on to build a strong relationship with me, and offered me the stability and career growth opportunity I was looking for.” – Cori, Senior Business Analyst


“The hiring process at VisionPRO was very smooth. I liked that they got right to the point. After contacting me the recruiter quickly scheduled an interview with one of their senior leaders. The feedback after my interview was very fast. I was offered the job the next day. I have worked in the United States for 12 years and VisionPRO is my best experience so far. The work environment is excellent and that motivates you to do a better job every day.” – Norberto, AS/400 Engineer