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Vision Information Technologies, Inc. continues transformation in VisionIT Software and Technology Company – Goes beyond contingent labor management with VisionPRO

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November 14, 2016 – Vision Information Technologies, Inc. has enjoyed a rich 20-year history as a provider of specialized IT Solutions, Professional Staffing, and Workforce Management.   The company has supported some of the largest companies in the world and will continue to do so.

As the company has grown, we have taken advantage of market opportunities and key partnerships.  A year ago the company created 3 separate companies with specific focuses and capabilities.  VisionPRO has excelled as an award-winning provider of IT & Professional Staffing resources.  VisionIT  has grown into a key purveyor of custom software development work for clients and developed a strong expertise in ERP cloud, mobile, infotainment, and IoT.   Prime Workforce Solutions was created as a joint partnership with another MSP provider to provide specific clients in the pharmaceutical industry with a Managed Staffing Solution for their enterprise.

While we have seen steadily improving margins in our VisionPRO business and exciting new market opportunities in our VisionIT company, Prime Workforce Solutions required increasing management team cycles without the expected return.  As a result, Executive Management Team decided to invest more management cycles on VisionIT and VisionPRO, focusing efforts on these higher performing businesses.

A decision was also made to exit the Managed Contingent Workforce Solution market, divesting the Prime Workforce Solutions assets.  We informed the impacted customers and employees earlier in 2016, providing for an orderly transition to other providers.

In order to further focus the Executive team efforts, David Segura remains CEO of VisionIT and will focus his full time on VisionIT technology practices and new software products.  Christine Rice, who has been serving as President of the joint business units now operates as the CEO of VisionPRO.  She will focus on growing the IT & Professional Staffing business.  Both will remain intimately involved in both VisionIT and VisionPRO as Owner/Investors.  Both VisionIT and VisionPRO have specialized executives in each business that are leading the day-to-day operations and growth initiatives.

Vision Information Technologies, Inc. has made the strategic decision to develop technologies that continue to change the way business operates while maintaining our commitment to provide IT staffing to specific customers.

“This is an exciting time for our business,” states David Segura, CEO of VisionIT. “VisionIT has become a global software development company and a preferred systems integrator for some of the largest software companies in the world.  Through our Innovation Studio, we are developing new technology and helping our customers and partners gain a competitive edge in ERP, cloud, IoT, mobile, infotainment systems, virtual/augmented reality, and analytics.  As technology continues to enable work processes, VisionIT recognizes the need to support these new technologies with comprehensive solutions.”  Examples of the company’s focus are the development of a secure patient care collaboration platform for healthcare professionals called “CareTrail”, as well as new Integration Practices with SAP and EMC.

“VisionPRO has always been and remains a top choice for companies looking for a staffing partner with unmatched recruiting capabilities, talent communities, and employee engagement programs,” says Christine Rice, CEO of VisionPRO.  “People remain at the root of all we do.  Much of our culture is focused on delivery, so clients really rely on us for some of their most critical resource needs. ”  VisionPRO continues to win awards for client satisfaction and will always be dedicated to developing top talent for clients on a contract-to-hire, contract, and permanent placement basis.

Both the technology solutions and professional and IT staffing businesses allow clients, partners, and employees to operate with a competitive advantage.  The specific focus of both companies, coupled with the knowledge sharing of each management team uniquely position VisionIT and VisionPRO for significant growth and profitability for years to come.

About VisionIT

VisionIT is where integration and innovation intersect. We are a global software development company and a preferred systems integrator, operating throughout the U.S., Canada, and Latin America.  Our 20 years of experience supporting Fortune 500 companies has earned us the trust of CIO’s and C-Level executives because we have a track record of providing business value. In our Detroit based Innovation Studio, we showcase the latest technologies being developed by VisionIT and our partners across ERP, cloud, IoT, mobile, infotainment systems, virtual/augmented reality and analytics.  Learn more about our company by visiting

About VisionPRO

VisionPRO is an award-winning provider of IT & Professional Staffing.  For 20 years, we have provided talent management solutions for some of the largest companies in the world.  We provide our personnel on a contract-to-hire, contract and permanent placement basis.  Clients choose us not only because of our unmatched recruiting capabilities but also because of our talent communities and employee engagement programs.  They retain us because of our methodologies and approach. Clients rely on us for some of their most critical projects because we deliver.  With top performing consultants and direct hire talent, VisionPRO helps customers drive business excellence.  Learn more about our company by visiting

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